Why choose this course

This mini course is focused on building the ability to express yourself creatively. Using brushpens to create the foundation of handlettering with an added twist of gratefulness.

  • Loads of worksheets and resources for inspiration and guidance

  • Develop creative lettering techniques

  • Achieve lettering outcomes that you can be proud of

  • Learn skills that will SMASH the frustration of creative block

  • Discover why lettering is so much more than just looking pretty

  • What you write is important—develop a strategy to connect to meaningful content

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Expressive lettering

  • 02

    Module One: Tools and Process

    • Module One: Overview

    • My favourite brush pens

    • Get the most out of your tools

    • Create flow with your letters

    • Paper and Process

    • Large Straight Guides

    • Small guides

    • Large Guides A

    • Large Guides B

    • Extra Large Guides

  • 03

    Module Two: What we write matters

    • Module Two: Lettering with Gratefulness

    • How to use the Grateful Bank

    • Gratefulness work sheet

  • 04

    Module Three: Your Expressive Lettering Outcome

    • Module three: Show your gratefulness with expressive lettering

    • More resources for you

    • Module Three Process

    • Module Three Inspiration

  • 05

    Conclusion: Where to next


Instructor Bio:

Hi, my name is Libbi. I think of myself as a creative experimenter and a lover of letters. Although, it has not always been sunshine and rainbows! You see I am a reformed frustrated creative. For a long time, I struggled to express myself creatively. This creative block caused frustration and self-doubt. I struggled to be proud of the artwork that I produced. Then I discovered a whole new method of to love the work that I create and this has opened up opportunities to experiment with many different lettering styles that express my many creative voices. Now I have the ability to use many different lettering styles that invites so much fun into my practice. If you want to know how to create authentic lettering that you absolutely love then join me on this creative journey and express your inner lover of lettering.

Libbi Reed

Creative Self Expression

  • Experiment

    I encourage loads of experimenting with tools and processes. This way we continue to indulge in the power of play. When we play is when we learn the most!

  • Explore

    What we write matters! Create authentic meaningful content that is uniquely you. Exploring this connection will help you to grow and discover your creativity.

  • Express

    Express yourself through your creativity. Practice the hand to mind connection and lose yourself in play based process. Give a voice to your inner lettering lover.


“I have always been a bit obsessed with calligraphy, (and Libbi) So I follow her work, and I admire so much her talent. When I decided to do the course, I wanted to learn the basics of brush lettering and the resources provided on the course are incredible. I learned a lot, and I now feel more inspired to continue to practise and express myself through calligraphy. THANK YOU LIBBI! You can tell the amount of work and love you have on this course!”


Alejandra Ramirez Vidal

“Libbi’s course is not just one that helps you with creativity, but one that also has a focus on gratitude and mindfulness. This was perfect for me as I was really wanting to get into some hand lettering, but didn’t want to be overwhelmed with too much. Libbi breaks everything down into bite-size chunks and it was easy to follow along. I love her ideas for a gratitude jar and I will be implementing her ideas with my kids too!”


Kat Kalindi Cameron

“Libbi is so creative and she is really passionate about letters. I loved this course because she asks you to think about things you are grateful for and then to letter those beautifully. I loved the idea of expressing beautiful words with beautiful letters. Her worksheets are amazing and really show you how to create lovely letters, but in the end, it’s all about expressing yourself creatively. Loved this course.”


Dominique Falla